Front load v/s Top load

Lets take a look at the main difference between a front load washing machine and a top load washing machine.

First difference is that a front load washing machine cleans and washes better than a top load machine. There are different wash actions used by different company models of the front loading machine. They are almost precise in washing like the way humans wash with their hands.
You find all front load machines to be automatic unlike the top load where you also have semi-automatic versions.
Front load machines are gentle on the clothes, they reduce the wear and tear of the clothes.
Front load machines are always expensive compared to its same load top loads. This additional price is because of the variety of features that a front load machine offers to you.
Top loading machines work at most water pressures but the front load requires a higher water pressure.
The Front load machines takes less time to dry than the top load counterparts.They also consume less detergent than the top load machines.
In front loading machines, you don’t find the center agitator. This creates more space for the clothes inside. You can load most clothes once. You don’t need to run the machine again and again.
Front load uses less water than the top load machines.
The only drawback of a front load washing machine may be its initial price. But considering the features that it provides to you, I would definitely suggest you to buy a front load washing machine.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Best Reviews

Here is a list of 5 best fully automatic washing machine in India 2019. The list consists of only front load washing machines as of now.

The front-load washing machines are far superior compared to the top load counterparts.

Check out what the differences between a top load washing machine and a front load washing machine too.

5 Best Washing Machine in India – Fully Automatic washing machine – Front load

1. IFB 6 Kg – Fully Automatic washing machine – Front Loading (Diva Aqua SX )-Best washing machine India 2019

IFB front load washing machine 6kg. Best front load washing machine in India 2019

IFB is one of the most trusted washing machine brands in India. It performs really well and it is made to last for long.


This fully automatic washing machine has a crescent Moon drum. This prevents damage to fabrics.
Aqua Energie – A specialized physical treatment device to improve the quality of water. The effect would be of more use in hard water areas.
This washing machine has the Ball valve technology which prevents wastage and enhances the wash quality.
This fully automatic washing machine has an Auto balance system. Hence, unbalanced clothes are detected and redistributed.
You can add clothes in between of wash cycle of this washing machine.
The drying speed of this washing machine is 800 RPM.
This fully automatic washing machine comes with Child lock that adds to the safety.
First of its kind Warranty – 4 years machine warranty and 10 years spares support.

2. LG 6 Kg – Front Loading Washing Machine(FH0FANDNL02)

LG 6kg washing machine.Best front load washing machine in India 2019

LG has always been a very innovative brand. They bring up solutions to make the life of a normal person very easy. There is always a tight competition between LG and IFB in the washing machine department.LG has been declared the most trusted brand in washing machines in the year 2019.


This washing machine comes with the Direct Drive Technology.
The motor of the machine is directly connected to the drum of washing machine. This increases durability and there is less noise and vibration. No belts,pulley involved.
The washing machine has 1000 rpm drying speed.
The machine uses 6 motion DD technology – This means this washing machine provides 6 different motions for superior wash performance like swing, stepping, filtration, tumbling, rolling and scrubbing.
There is a smart diagnosis system that can provide immediate resolution to an issue.
Auto restart feature- To resume same cycle from where it stopped after a power cut.
The machine comes with waterproof and full touch panel and Child Lock – Yes
Warranty – 10 years on motor and 2 years on product.

3. Bosch 6 kg – Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Front load (WAB16060IN)

Bosch Front Load washing machine 2019. Best front load washing machine in India 2019

Bosch always has a reputation for making quality products. Anyone would love this German brand because of their quality, reliability, and precision they have in making their products.


The machine comes with Allergy plus + ECARF – Removes any residue of detergent from your clothes.
There would be no more allergies with washing clothes with this machine. Child lock – Yes.
Used Active water Technology – This adjusts amount of water checking the load. This saves water and electricity.
If you are in a hurry, you can reduce the wash time by around 65% with speed perfect button.
This washing machine is very silent as it has an anti vibration design.
Foam detection technology removes excessive foam.
Drying speed is 800 RPM.
Warranty – 10 years on motor and 2 years on product same as LG.

4. Samsung 6 kg – Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Front load (WW60M206LMW)

Samsung front load washing machine


This machine comes with a Quick Wash program for busy people.
The washing machine has 1000 rpm drying speed.
Diamond drum provides gentle care for the fabric.
Digital inverter motor provides energy efficiency,less noise.
The washing machine uses a ceramic heater. This is energy efficient. Would save you on your electricity bills.
There is Volt control safeguards against voltage drop.
Child Lock – Yes
3 years warranty on product and 10 years warranty on DIT motor.

5. Godrej 6 kg – Front Loading Washing Machine (WF Eon 600 PAE)


ALLERGY PROTECT- Protection from 7 common allergens and bacteria, certified by ‘Allergy UK’
NIGHT WASH – Its a mode to use in the night. This also means that the machine would operate quiet.
RAPID 15 – A quick, 15 minute wash program which helps you clean clothes when you have less time.
ECO BALANCE TECHNOLOGY – Detects the washing load & adjusts water. You get up to 50% lesser energy consumption.
ERROR DETECTION SYSTEM – This is a self diagnosis system where you can understand the error. Similar feature there in the LG listed above.
FOAM protection – Protects machine against excessive foam.
STAIN LEVEL SELECTOR – You can select 3 stain level option for effective cleaning.
The machine conforms to A++ European standards of energy efficiency. Child lock – Yes
800 rpm drying speed.
All Godrej Eon front load washing machines come with a 10-year motor warranty.