Front load v/s Top load

Lets take a look at the main difference between a front load washing machine and a top load washing machine.

First difference is that a front load washing machine cleans and washes better than a top load machine. There are different wash actions used by different company models of the front loading machine. They are almost precise in washing like the way humans wash with their hands.
You find all front load machines to be automatic unlike the top load where you also have semi-automatic versions.
Front load machines are gentle on the clothes, they reduce the wear and tear of the clothes.
Front load machines are always expensive compared to its same load top loads. This additional price is because of the variety of features that a front load machine offers to you.
Top loading machines work at most water pressures but the front load requires a higher water pressure.
The Front load machines takes less time to dry than the top load counterparts.They also consume less detergent than the top load machines.
In front loading machines, you don’t find the center agitator. This creates more space for the clothes inside. You can load most clothes once. You don’t need to run the machine again and again.
Front load uses less water than the top load machines.
The only drawback of a front load washing machine may be its initial price. But considering the features that it provides to you, I would definitely suggest you to buy a front load washing machine.

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